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Intelligent electric tailgate

Our advantage

1. Remote control key to open/close the electric tailgate

3. Install closing button inside tail box door

5. Set the electric tailgate height yourself

7. Lossless installation mode

9. Double electric support rod

11. Alert sound when turned on/off

2. Driver position to open/close the electric tailgate

4. The original tailgate button opens the electric tailgate.

6. Security anti-pinch function anti-collision function

8. Design according to the specific vehicle model

10. Stop the electric tailgate at any time

12. 12 month warranty service

Basic Information
Electric tailgate
Motor opens/closes the tailgate
Operation method:
Original car remote control / driver side control panel button (installation) / original tailgate button / tail box internal button (installation)
Installation method:
plug and play
Number of electric telescopic rods:
standby current:
Working voltage:
9V DC-16V DC
Working temperature:
waterproof level: