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Huracan Steering Wheel

    Huracan Steering Wheel

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    • You could also acquire customized Steering Wheel for your Lamborghini Huracan specially crafted to rhyme with your sleek ride.
    • This Lamborghini Huracan Steering Wheel flaunts the following amazing features:
    1. Alcantara and leather material; the wheel is made of highly durable leather or Alcantara material hand-sewn as your preferred pattern.
    2. Carbon fiber material; it also contains a UV carbon fiber material which is water-resistant and equally durable. It is also has a comfortable feel.
    3. Modified grips to increase your grip on the wheel.
    4. Nondestructive installation: Does not affect the normal use of airbag, buttons and other functions.

    NOTE: Our steering wheels do not include airbags.