Dodge Charger Steering Wheel

    Dodge Charger Steering Wheels

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    Dodge Charger Steering Wheel:

    Nondestructive installation: Does not affect the normal use of airbag, buttons and other functions.

    Real Carbon Fiber:  + Modification + Hand sewing and processing. 

    Texture: Leather is dedicate and smooth, soft and tough, which increases the feeling of comfort. 

    Carbon fiber material: UV - Coatinge, light weight, high hardness, wear resistant and comfortable. 

    Non-slip and breathable: Comfortable, skid proof  for effectively avoid sweating. 

    Smooth and beautiful: Beautiful, practical and fashionable gives you a different driving experience. 


    1.  Flat bottom
    2.  Carbon top 
    3.  Carbon bottom
    4.  Modified aggressive side design
    5.  Re-designed 10-2 o'clock safe grips
    6.  Modified grips at the back of the wheel at 9-3 o'clock 
    7.  Finger indentations on top back
    8.  Leather 
    9.  8mm red color 12 o'clock ring 
    10. Does Not Include airbag
    11. Does Not include bottom trim
    12. Does Not Include paddle shifts


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