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Dodge Challenger Soft Close Door

    Dodge Challenger Soft Close Door

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    Dodge Challenger Soft Close Door


    • Compatible with all Challenger models
    • Build with High-Quality Materials
    • Meets with international Automotive Standards
    • The device is hidden in the door panel, so it will not impair the car interiors.
    • Also, it does not require changing units, mechanisms or appearance of your vehicle.
    • Our device allows any other vehicle door to be closed gently and elegantly giving a premium feel to your vehicle and boost the comfort and safety of your car.



    • The innovative car door slam protector is guaranteed for up to 35,000 cycles, or roughly 12 years, and is available to both luxury buyers and everyday car enthusiasts.
    • Keep your friends and family safe. This device mechanically catches an ajar vehicle door by silently securing it into the latched door frame.
    • Our device also prevents the door from accidentally opening and ensures that it is always closed. This gives vehicle owners that peace of mind, especially when traveling with children or the elderly.


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