BMW M  Badge

    BMW M Led Badge

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    BMW M Led Badge

    • Material: plastic.
    • Mounting: 2 screws.
    • Installation: Any suitable location in the radiator grille.
    • Connection: you can connect this light element to any power source, depending on the need for work.
    • For example, you can connect power to the ACC, therefore the badge will automatically turn on when ACC power is activated.
    • You can connect power to the DRL, the badge will be activated in parallel with these lights.
    • You can connect the power supply of the badge to low beam. With this option, the backlight will be activated when this mode is enabled.

    Kit Includes:

    •  led badge
    •  wiring for connection
    •  mounting plate
    •  fixing nuts
    •  plastic couplers for fixing the wiring
    •  instruction


    • Length: 180 mm (7 inches),
    • Width: 56 mm (2.2 inches),
    • Thickness: 57 mm (2.24 inches)

    Waterproof: ip67