Porsche Cayman Accessories

  • Porsche has thought of everything right down to the little details. They have a range of tailor-made floor mats, which can be used to accessories the Porsche Cayman or many other models. Your car will look classy everywhere, even in the footwell. You can choose from all-weather floor mats or floor mats that have a leather trim.
  • If you live in a cold climate where there’s likely to be snow for much of the winter, you can purchase a selection of winter accessories. Porsche has created effective snow chains that can easily be installed onto your current tires to add more traction when driving in snowy or icy conditions. Investing in snow chains is a wise move as it will make your car safer to drive and will reduce the likelihood of slipping.
  • There’s also the option of having a pull-out ski or snowboard holder installed. This is great for people who love snow sports, and the holder can store up to six pairs of skis, or if snowboarding’s your thing, four snowboards. There’s a functional pull-out option which will enable you to load and unload your gear comfortably.

Porsche Cayman Accessories (7)

Porsche Steering Wheels - LED


Porsche Sport Steering Wheel - LED Display


Porsche Panamera Steering Wheel


Porsche Alcantara Steering Wheel


Porsche Racing Steering Wheel - LED Display


Porsche Steering Wheel - LED


Porsche Cayman Soft Close Doors