AUDI SUNSHADES - magnetic sun shade for car, car interior accessories.

Galvanized 4 ml wire is the basis of the screens. It has a high-strength steel frame, which will allow a grid to remain the operation tense all term. Difference from a usual wire that, validity period increases thanks to the best reflection of any influences of the external environment, for example, of temperature and moisture. Also it doesn't rust and doesn't allow emergence of rust on other materials interacting with her.

The grid cell have a special pyramid shape for better view out of the salon. The basic form of the cell was chosen not casual. If we position the grid so that the wide part of the holes were directed on a course of movement of the vehicle, the driver and passengers will have a good overview even at an acute angle.

Special "PDA-2" rubber profil – Designed specifically for our screens. The advantage of this type of edging: nice appearance, resistance to temperature changes from -50 to +80 C, does not burn out in the sun or burst in cold weather. Perimeter edging profile bonded with cyanoacrylate glue .