Tesla model 3 accessories

by Victor Sinev on June 16, 2020

     Tesla model 3 accessories


Tesla Model 3 power liftgate from Motowey is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum, German imported spring material, and high-quality motor. It is CE, FCC & ROHS certified and IP65 rated.


It comes with: Adjustable opening & closing speed, adjustable height, memory function for height preference, adjustable tailgate closing force, anti-pinch function, sound prompt function, dashboard touch screen, driver side door panel button, tailgate buttons, smartphone, smartwatch, foot sensor, etc.


Motowey Model 3 accessories like our Power Trunk and Frunk is an awesome car modification intelligent system. It comes with multiple control methods and allows you to easily open and close the tailgate. In addition, it also has considerate functions such as intelligent anti-pinch and height preference memory. It will greatly facilitate the use of car owners.


Tesla Model 3 power trunk and frunk come with a power liftgate has the function of detecting obstacles and implementing emergency braking. It is very unlike the traditional tailgate, which is prone to pinch or hit obstacles during the closing process.


The height memory function of Tesla Model 3 power trunk and frunk means that the owner can set the opening height of the tailgate arbitrarily according to the usage habits or height characteristics. The system has an intelligent learning and memory function, and the tailgate opens to a suitable height.


Aluminum alloy strut and ball stud are lightweight processed yet have extremely high strength. They are designed to be used for years to come with no deformation. They meet the standards of Automotive OEMs.


Motowey Tesla accessories - power liftgate is splash, water, and dust resistant and has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions.


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