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1994 McLaren F1 'LM-Specification' with Price tag $21,000,000 +

by Victor Sinev on August 03, 2019

During 15-17 of August in Monterey, Sothbeys will hold its Action and this Beast will be Offered with estimate Price 21,000,000 - 243,000,000 $(It could be higher - you never know).

Mclaren F1 was a Super Car of 90s and during that era every kid had a poster on the wall of Mclaren(Lamborghini Countach was thing of 80`s). It was new, fresh and somewhat from future. New design ideas were put to test like putting driver in the middle of dashboard and nothing like that was seen before. Overall The design is nothing short of perfect, technically its been proven with its track record and  decision to go with BMW 12 cylinder 680hp engine was the right choice. 

Numbers dont lie and Only 106 cars were produced By Mclaren. 64 road cars, 28 F1 GTR race cars, 5 F1 LM Models and 2 F1 GTs(including 7 prototype and development cars). The rarity of Mclaren F1 has a big meaning to fans and car collectors. Most of all this car has no critic.

It also holds a world record for being fastest naturally aspired model and setting a record at 1998  at 240.14 mph. 

Particular this Model is in outstanding condition, with regular service by MSO and has less than 21,500 km on clock.

So for $21,000,000 + its a bargain or is it?

mclaren f1

mclaren f1

mclaren f1

mclaren f1