Decoin Headliner New Multi Purpose Self Adhesion Cubic Fabric Sponge 3mm Light Grey

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Product description
  • Double sided adhesion spandex suede sheet Sponge 3mm.
  • Flexible fabric suitable for any surface.
  • As quantity increases, the length will be extended by 90cm. 
  • For 2 sheets, you will get a 145cm (width) x 180cm (length) sheet. for 2 sheets, you will get a 145cm (width) x 180cm (length) sheet.
  • Spandex 100 polyester Elasticity 5-10%
  • High quality  faux Cubic Fabric  Sponge 3mm. 
  • High elasticity - extends well(all ways). 
  • Great to use in curved area.

Cubic Fabric foam rubber material Premium class on foam rubber 3 mm thick. It has a beautiful appearance, causes pleasant tactile sensations. 

Adhesion Cubic Fabric on foam rubber has several advantages, such as light weight, high strength and resistance to long-term physical impact, environmental friendliness, breathability. This collection also has a wide range of colors.

Application area:

hauling cars, yachts, boats, airplanes, furniture upholstery, interior decoration and various accessories