Alcantara Self Adhesion Suede 3mm Grey

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Product description
1. Colors could be different on monitors as well. Please order ONLY when you fully understand this condition. Fabrics are cut from the bolt and NON refundable.
2. Adhesive back - easy to work with.
    Using environmentally friendly acrylic adhesive and strong sheet. 

3. Great value
    High quality span faux suede - made with spandex thread. 
    High elasticity - extends well(all ways). 
    Great to use in curved area.

Thin and lightweight - great for luxurious car interior(ceiling, filler, door trim, etc.).
   Material - Polyester 93%, Polyurethane 7%
4. High color fastness to light 
   Good to use in the area highly exposed to sunlight(dashboard or A pillar).
   For these areas, we recommend Black and light colors(Beige, ivory, Grey, etc.). Dark colors may fade faster. 

5. Size - 145 x 90cm (57? x 0.98yd)
   You can purchase more yards, but width is fixed as 145cm. If you purchase more yards, they?ll be continued.

   To smooth wrinkles, heat the back of the faux suede with a hair dryer at low temperature. 
   DO NOT stretch the span faux suede excessively. 
   When applying to curved area or covering over the existing fabric, use with spray adhesive(3M Super 77 or 99) to increase adhesion.
   DO NOT spray to the faux suede directly. Spray to the object you want to attach and wait about 4~5 minutes till it's half dried and not transude.
   DO NOT use a heat gun.
   DO NOT use dark colors(Black, Navy, Dark grey, Forest, etc) for couch or chair cover. There is a possibility that clothes are dyed.

    Alcantara foam rubber material in combination with spandex fiber. Premium class on foam rubber 3 mm thick. It has a beautiful appearance, causes pleasant tactile sensations. 

    This material has a resistant self-adhesive basis. The material is superior to natural leather, easy to clean and does not fade in the sun. In winter, does not lose heat, does not overheat in summer.

    The height of the pile of artificial suede is preserved by a natural trace after holding a hand in it (the effect of writing) and imitates the similar effect of natural suede.

    Alcantara on foam rubber has several advantages, such as light weight, high strength and resistance to long-term physical impact, environmental friendliness, breathability. This collection also has a wide range of colors.

    Application area:

    hauling cars, yachts, boats, airplanes, furniture upholstery, interior decoration and various accessories