Adhesive Eco Vinil Leather - Brown

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Material is an Eco Leather on a self-adhesive basis.

It has a glue base that sticks to surfaces such as plastic, including structural (under the leather, as in many cars), metal, wood and others without additional glue treatment.

Size:   1 Meter - 140 x 90cm 
   You can purchase more CM, but width is fixed as 140 cm. If you purchase more cm, they`ll be continued.


Material does not demand additional putting glue. Does not require any special skills when using additional materials, the surface to be pasted is sufficiently degreased and it is nice to work with.

The material is durable, practically does not fade and does not deform, does not require any special care.

Application area: Interior trim hauling ceiling panels door inserts racks

The same material is widely used for interior design,furniture, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

You can choose a different structure.

eco leather

eco leather