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Seat belt adapter of the highest quality for pregnant women.

INSAFE SEATBELT GUIDE is an innovative, patented and tested adapter, which enables women to fasten seat belts
in such a way that they do not go over the belly of a pregnant woman.
INSAFE enhances the unborn child’s safety and enables the expectant mother to drive comfortably.

What it is for and how it works

INSAFE SEATBELT GUIDE redirects the lap belt away from the belly of a pregnant woman. It eliminates the danger of putting too much pressure on the belly in the case of sudden braking or traffic accident. Using the INSAFE adapter reduces the risk of the unborn child’s injury in the case of a car accident.

INSAFE prevents the belt’s tendency of sliding up, to the middle part of the abdomen and further to the chest, therefore, it prevents a dangerous phenomenon of so-called “diving” during a collision, which is slipping underneath the lap belt.

While using the adapter, the seat belt does not press the belly and it is not necessary to adjust it repeatedly, which provides the expectant mother with comfortable driving. The adapter is recommended from the third month of pregnancy or if it is noticeable until the end of pregnancy. It can also be used by people with abdominal obesity, after abdominal surgery and after a caesarean section.

Do you know that…

A child in the womb is protected by waters and foetal membranes just like in a safe bubble. Nature has accomplished everything properly, waters provide freedom of movement and cushion injuries. However, nature could not foresee emergency situations such as incidents and road accidents involving pregnant women.
A woman who weights 154 lb gains such energy on impact as if she weighed 3.44 tons (at the speed of 34 mph). Such energy acts on the seat belts which hold the passenger. If the belt is 2 inches wide, it may be assumed that the lap belt’s pressure on the pregnant woman’s belly amounts to 1 ton. It is as if a rhinoceros or a car was put on the belly. Obviously, such great forces acting on the pregnant woman’s belly can result in placental abruption or direct foetus injuries and consequently in the child’s death.


INSAFE changes the 3-point seat belt into the 4-point system

  • The risk of the unborn child’s injury is reduced
  • The expectant mother can drive a car comfortably
  • Universal – fits most car models
  • Can be installed in the front and rear seats of the car*
  • Patented and tested
  • Made from high-quality materials. The adapter was designed and made in South Korea
  • Very quick and easy installation
  • Small, easily fits in a bag
  • Weight is only 1.09 lb
  • 2-years guarantee

Tests and quality


INSAFE SEATBELT GUIDE is a high-quality product. It was entirely designed and made in South Korea – a country famous for advanced technology. The adapter’s base is made of stainless steel, which is 6.4mm thick and coated with soft rubber. The adapter has no sharp edges – it was designed to be safe and ergonomic to use. A project of INSAFE SEATBELT GUIDE was carried out with the support of the government organization - Seoul Business Agency. The belt and the buckle were tested in terms of strength by FITI Testing & Research Institute in Seoul and BB.Lab – a laboratory owned by the Korean manufacturer of child seats Bonest Benest. Dynamic testing of the adapter was performed there in terms of accordance with the European safety standard ECE R16.

Installation guide



  1. The adapter’s belt should be put in the gap between the seat and the backrest,
  2. Then the belt should be moved underneath the seat. Make sure that the belt is not twisted,
  3. The end of the belt should be looped through the upper and lower hole of the buckle,
  4. The belt should be tightened strongly by pulling it downwards. 

INSAFE can be used only in:

  • the front seats which have a gap between the seat and the backrest (most cars),
  • the separate rear seats which have a gap between the seat and the backrest (van cars),
  • the rear seats with the possibility of tilting forward (estate cars, SUV and minivans).



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