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SlamStop is a Soft Close car Doors Device.

It mechanically catches a slightly closed door elegantly and pulls it to the completely closed position. There is no need to reopen and shut it with force. 


  • Universally compatible 
  • Targets car enthusiasts after the latest technology 
  • Truly innovative, now available to luxury and non-luxury car brand owners
  • 1 Set - 2 Doors
  • 2 Set - 4 Doors



Originally, this soft close car doors function was only available as a standard option to only some luxury cars. Now, everyone can experience the security and safety SlamStop provides. Tested for more than 30,000 cycles (roughly 10 years), SlamStop continues to provide an added elegance to vehicles, no matter the make or model.


The innovative car door slam protector is guaranteed for up to 30,000 cycles, or roughly 10 years, and is available to a universal audience of both luxury buyers and everyday car enthusiasts.


Keep your friends and family safe. This device mechanically catches an ajar vehicle door by silently securing it into the latched door frame.

SlamStop in Operation

It is common for car doors not to close completely on the first try. SlamStop ensures full closure of car doors at the first attempt and precludes them from opening while the car is on the move. SlamStop device closes the doors automatically.

Noise intensity

  • 50 dB (comparable to the sound of drizzle)


Working temperature

  • From - 40°C to + 80°С
  • From  -40°F  to +176°F


Operating voltage

  • 12V, amperage - 7А (0.007 AHr in standby mode)


Instruction Slamstop Installation: